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What is it?

Acetyl L-Carnitine is the principal acetyl ester of L-Carnitine.

What will it do?

The main claim to fame for Carnitine has been its involvement in the enzyme called Mitochondrial carnitine that is found in our energy warehouse and drives fatty acid oxidation i.e. converting fat to energy.

The acetyl form tastes better, dissolves better, and may have an extra benefit from the acetyl component which is involved in nerve and brain function.

Why use it?

Acetyl L-Carnitine is like adding a turbo to your fat-burning engine! Your body will be able to utilize fat for energy a lot more effectively.

  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical grade
  • Helps mobilizes and transports fat to use it for energy
  • Helps with recovery after workouts
  • Maximizes the effects of OxyShred
  • Zero stimulants, sugars, carbs and fillers
  • Due to the products, purity contents will harden inside the container


How to use it?

Supplement Solutions recommends 2g with breakfast, followed by 2g pre-train or with lunch.

It can be mixed with 100-200ml of water or juice.

Supplement Solutions highly recommend stacking EHP Labs Acetyl L Carnitine with EHP Labs Oxyshred Fat Burner.

Click the link above!

What will you feel?

EHP Labs Acetyl L-Carnitine will go to work right away, breaking down stored body fat for energy after your very first serve. You will, therefore, experience the initial effects of ATP Sciences Acetyl L-Carnitine immediately; you will notice elevated mood and endurance and enhanced concentration. 

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