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Purge Sports ThermX

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*Increases Metabolic Rate

*Stimulates Lipolysis

*Improves Fat and Carb Metabolism

*Reduces Fat Storage

*Clinical Dosing

*Fully Transparent Label


Muscle underneath body fat LOOKS like body fat. It’s a crying shame, but it’s true. Diet and exercise are essential to achieve that coveted, chiseled look, but it’s no secret anymore that the pros are all getting an edge on top of maintaining a clean lifestyle, and more stimulants (caffeine) are not always the answer. How can you accelerate fat loss without feeling anxious, jittery, or just too damn energetic from caffeine and other stimulants? You get THERMX™! 


Non-Stim Formula Prevents Anxiety and Jitters, Won’t Keep You Up at Night

3,5-Diiodo L-Thyronine (T2 Hormone) Stimulates All Known Aspects of Fat Loss, and Helps Maintain Muscle

GBB Increases Thermogenesis to the Point that You WILL Sweat!

ForsLean® Pulls Fatty Acids Out of Body Fat Stores so They Can Be Eliminated

CapsiAtra® Blocks New Body Fat Storage


THERMX™ is a premium, non-stimulant fat burner and thermogenic. Even if you like caffeine and other stimulants, occasionally cycling off of stimulants helps reduce adrenal fatigue and maintains caffeine’s ability to keep working long term. THERMX™ is the perfect choice to keep shedding body fat while maintaining caffeine sensitivity. THERMX™ is also the perfect choice for 24-hour fat burning without disrupting important sleep cycles. Take THERMX™ in the afternoon or evening to keep burning calories all day long!





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