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MAN Sports Clean Protein

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The Name Says it All - CLEAN Protein
What makes MAN Sports Clean Protein so great? Why should you choose this protein over others? The answer is simple. MAN Sports Clean Protein features a full disclosure label, giving complete information on exactly how much protein is in each serving.
A lot of protein products list “x” amount of grams of protein per serving, but don’t list how much COMPLETE protein is in each serving, this is because they are using proprietary blends that do not feature complete protein. MAN sports has taken the initiative to list not only the amount of protein in each serving, but the amount of complete protein as well, giving their brand complete transparency by allowing consumers to know exactly what they are getting.
Along with a full disclosure label, MAN Sports Clean Protein combines four premium protein blends that creates a great tasting and high quality protein.

*8g of whey protein isolate
*9g of whey protein concentrate
*6g of milk protein isolate
*6g of micellar protein

Supplement Solutions recommends taking MAN Sports Clean Protein at any time of day when you need a premium, high quality source of protein and carbohydrates. Use it to increase your daily protein intake as an addition to your daily meals, or use it to replace meals throughout the day as required. Because of its sustained release formula, MAN Sports Clean Protein can also be taken before going to bed to assist with muscle growth and repair during sleep.
A premium delicious protein for complete muscle recovery and growth look no further than MAN Sports Clean Protein for a perfect multi blend protein to keep you rmuscles fueled for longer periods of time.