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Muscle Sport

Muscle Sport Mass Revolution 6lb

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Whether you are a hard gainer or you’ve just found yourself needing an edge to break through a plateau, MASS REVOLUTION is the gainer that can make it happen.

*130g of clean carbs, 25g of ultra high-quality proteins and only 6g of fats per serving

*5 hour time-release muscle feeder & a 2:1 Carb to Protein ratio*

*Contains 4 different types of complete, high-leucine proteins that quickly increase blood amino acid levels*

*Key enzymes for the proper digestion and subsequent absorption of dairy proteins to maximize uptake without any upset stomach*

Promotes muscle protein synthesis

Digests and absorbs quickly

Increases lean mass

Increase power and strength via the increase in muscle size

Speeds recovery from muscle damaging exercises

Increases glycogen replenishment

Contains highest amount of leucine compared to other sources