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Muscle Sport

Muscle Sport Rhino Rampage 150 caps

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Muscle Sport’s all-new supplement for its more advanced and complex Black Series has turned out to be a surprisingly unique pre-workout. The product’s title is Rhino Rampage, and its point of difference is that instead of being a typical powder, it’s a pre-workout that comes in capsule form.

Muscle Sport’s Rhino Rampage features a variety of ingredients to deliver a variety of effects perfect for when you’re working out. For better muscle pumps the product includes citrulline malate at a dose of 4g, and the increasingly popular branded ingredient, Vaso6 at 300mg.

Alongside the pump enhancers, Rhino Rampage features BetaPower betaine, the Spectra antioxidant blend, Kanna Ease sceletium tortuosum for focus, and AstraGin to improve absorption of everything. Muscle Sport has also thrown in a potent energy matrix featuring powerful stimulants like Dynamine, eria jarensis, and of course caffeine.

One of the rather interesting points behind Rhino Rampage is that it actually works as a pre-workout for people that want to steer clear of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. While the brand could’ve done a naturally flavored powder, Rampage leaps around the whole thing by coming in capsules and not needing any flavoring.

Supplement Solutions recommends starting with a lower dose to assess tolerance to the formula. For maxium effect 6 caps is the does suggested.