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Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood 30 serve

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This heavy-duty formula features 11 potent ingredients at their full effective doses which includes one of the most powerful test boosting stacks to ever hit the market - all to help you fully maintain your strength, size, and libido for an effortless post cycle.
Recover like a king with Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood! Get it now!

Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood Tesosterone Booster:
*Helps Boost Libido
*Helps Restore HPTA
*Helps Improve Energy Levels
*Helps Boost Testosterone Levels
*Helps Boost Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
*Helps Boost Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
*Helps Improve Athletic Performance
*Helps Improve Sexual Health
*Helps Improve Recovery
*Helps Reduce Estrogen
*Helps Reduce Cortisol
*Helps Improve Mood
Supplement Soltuions recomments taking 5 capsules twice per day. Ideally 5 with your first meal of the day (breakfast) & another 5 with your last meal of the day. We also recommend running a cycle of Olympus Labs Kings blood for 8 - 12 weeks for best results.

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