F45 Challenge Stacks!

The F45 challenge is an exciting time for many to try something new and begin a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

Though it can be exhausting and hard work, the sense of elation you get from smashing an epic workout and putting everything you have into it is unbeatable.

Surrounded by friends, new and old, and making steps to decrease your body fat can be an exciting time! Your F45 club has your high-intensity training sorted, you've been talked through how your diet can influence your results and where your macros (carbs, fats, sugars) should sit, you're most of the way there!

It's true, you don't need supplements. After all, they are called 'supplements' and purely exist to supplement your diet. But we know from personal experience that they make the process MUCH easier and do have the potential to drastically increase results when used properly. 

Let's take protein as an example. All of our protein requirements can be derived from whole foods, and we recommend this, but trying to consume meal upon meal of chicken breast, day after day, can get old very quick.

How do we make it easier? A clean, lean protein shake which feeds our muscles, is easy to consume and tastes DELICIOUS! Would you rather a protein shake straight after exercise, or a slice of chicken breast?

And fat burners! Are they a waste of money? Sometimes!

Some fat burners are highly incapable of delivering results, especially when paired with a bad diet. If your diet is good and your training is in order, a high-quality fat burner/metaboliser WILL amplify your results. 

The Supplement Solutions team is always available to assist you in all aspects of your training and only recommend products which will benefit you in your journey. 

Check out our F45 stack below, which offers a $180 saving! You simply will not find this value anywhere else, especially with products of such high-quality as ATP Science!

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F45 Challenge Stack!

Next up, we all have a sweet tooth. Dieting can be tough when we have to restrict all of the delicious sweet food..... or do we?

Introducing ATP Science Noway Desserts! 100% guilt free and they taste AMAZING!!!

Just because we can, we are also going to throw in a FREE T432 Plus Fat Metaboliser with any ATP Science Dessert ordered, just leave us a note saying you are from F45. 


Grab your desserts below

ATP Science Noway Mousse

ATP Science Noway Jelly


Last but not least, this one is for the ladies taking part in the F45 Challenge.

It is not often talked about, but your hormones play a massive part in any fitness journey, whether it be fat loss or muscle growth.

But don't just take our word for it, listen to what ATP Science ambassador and customer Candice has to say

Find out a little more below.

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