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Muscle Nation

100% Natural Plant Based Protein

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What is it?

All Natural Plant Protein by Muscle Nation contains 100% natural ingredients and no nasties. This vegan protein powder is low in fat and carbs, which makes the perfect protein to have any time of the day or post workouts.


This vegan protein supplement contains peanut, pea and rice protein which will provide you with an excellent amino acid profile. This will help to ensure your body can recover and growth post-workout. 

The 20g of protein per serving will also guarantee to keep you full and satisfied for longer, which can help to reduce cravings.


What are the Benefits?

When you have All Natural Plant Protein by Muscle Nation, you’ll:

*Support muscle recovery and growth as each serve of this vegan protein contains 20g of high-quality protein as well as a great amino acid profile, which will ensure better muscle recovery and growth.

*Support body composition goals. This product is an excellent source of protein, amino acids, glutamine, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which will provide your body with everything it needs to support your fitness and health goals.

*Support gut function with a combination of ingredients that is free from anything artificial. This vegan protein also contains high fibre so you can feel fuller for longer as well as improve your digestive health.

*Have a protein powder packed with high-quality ingredients, which is perfect for any time of the day and even as a post-workout drink.

*Have a plant protein powder that is low in carbohydrates and fat so you can stay on track of your goals and macros.

When it comes to an all-natural protein powder that will deliver everything your body needs to strive to, look no further than All Natural Plant Protein by Muscle Nation.


How to use it?

Supplement Solutions recommends you mix 1 heaped scoop of Natural Plant Protein in 250ml or more if desired  of cold water or almond milk in a  Supplement Solutions shaker bottle. This protein can be used up to 3x per day depending on your daily requirements.


Each serving (1 scoop) of All Natural Plant Protein by Muscle Nation has:

123 calories

20g of protein from peanut, pea, and rice protein

3g of fat and only 0.8g is saturated

4g of carbohydrates and only 2.5g is sugar

No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners

No gluten, dairy, lactose, and GMOs

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