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Cort RX

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What does it do?

ATP Science Cort RX is a supplement that works to promote healthy adrenal glands and maintain the body’s normal immune and stress responses. The schisandra chinensis berry extract found in ATP Science Cort RX works to support the immune system, reduce anxiety and support improved physical performance. ATP Science Cort RX also to promote healthy digestion, detoxification and elimination of toxins, resulting in enhanced cognition and improved quality of sleep. When your body is stressed your body will produce excess cortisol which in hand can impair your physique results. Cort Rx balances these levels and makes your body feel safe.  

How to use it?

Supplement Solutions recommends taking ATP Science Cort RX before bed everyday, 1-3 capsules dependant on your individual stress levels.  

For excessive times in life ... Take 2 caps breakfast, 2 caps lunch and 2 caps before bed for 14 days. Reducing to 2 caps am and pm for further 4 weeks. 

How long does it last?

You will notice the initial effects of ATP Science Cort RX within the first 2 weeks of use. You will begin to notice increased energy, improved recovery and reduced stress throughout the day. You can also expect to experience a variety of health related benefits including reduced inflammation, anxiety and quality sleep. 

cost per serve $3.00 based on 3 caps per day

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