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ATP Science L-Glutamine 1kg

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ATP Science L Glutamine is a micronized pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine formula that plays a key role in muscle growth, recovery & immune system support.  ATP Science L-Glutamine has become an important addition to many athletes supplement regime, as it is a valuable amino acid that supports optimum muscle growth, recovery, immune system & endurance.


ATP Science L Glutamine features:

*Pharmaceutical grade micronized L-Glutamine powder

*Maximum absorption and enhance muscle growth

*Helps fast muscle recovery

*Increase protein synthesis

*Immune system support and muscle cell hydration

*L Glutamine will support immune system and fast recovery training.

Supplement Solutions directions for Glutamine: As a dietary supplement, for the first 3 days (loading phase): Mix 1 scoop with 8oz of water and consume 4 times daily.

After day 3 (maintenance phase): Mix 1 scoop with 8oz of water 1 to 2 times daily. For more impressive results, replace water with a carbohydrate beverage or sports drink

Vital to boost muscle recovery regardless of your sport.