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BSN Hyper Shred 30 serve

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 BSN Hyper Shred Powder is a thermogenic fat burning formula to help you use more fat for energy, all day, every day.  Scientifically formulated to keep you lean and athletic Hyper Shred contains cutting edge ingredients, proven to work and get real world results.  If you are wanting to lean down and tone up then Hyper Shred is the product for you.  

BSN Hypershred Powder features:

*100% Label Transparency

*1.5g Acetyl-L Carnitine HCL

*500g L-Tyrosine

*200g Green Tea Extract (leaf)

*250mg Caffeine split between natural sources and caffeine anhydrous

Unique ingredients such as Euphoria Longana, used for centuries in ancient cultures

A true complete thermogenic fat burner to boost your weight lose goals.

Supplement Solutions recommends mixing one scoop with 200-300ml of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes before training or for anytime energy and fat burning support.