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BSN Truemass 1200

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TRUE-MASS® 1200 is an ultra-premium mass gainer, engineered to deliver you with quality calories to help you grow.

When you’re looking to pack on some size, combining smart eating with a highly nutrient-dense formula is the answer. TRUE-MASS®1200 will support gains by delivering you with an ultra-premium protein and carb matrix. 

How does it work?

The TRUE-MASS® 1200 ultra-premium protein/carb matrix is formulated to deliver. With each serving you’ll benefit from:

*54 g of multi-source protein

*1200+ Calories

*210 g of carbohydrateAdded Glutamine for Recovery

*BCAA’s for positive nitrogen balance

*Meal Alternative

Supplement Solutions recommends to take 1 Scoop in 300- 500ml of Water, 2-3 times per day.  

A true quality calorie mass gainer to aid your mass building phase