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L-Glutamine 500g

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What is it?

EHP Labs L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. The body synthesizes L-Glutamine as it can be sourced through diet BUT there are times where the body needs more than it can produce therefore it needs to be supplemented. L-Glutamine is considered to be vital to the production of proteins in the body so it is essential for muscle recovery. 

How to use it?

EHP Labs L-Glutamine should be taken at a consistent time every day, whatever works for you and your routine. Simply just mix 5 grams with 250ml of water in a Supplement Solutions shaker!

For people who are in recovering from injury, dieting or training 5+ times per week, we would recommend taking 10-15g per day. Ideally, pre and post-exercise. 

What you will notice?

You will notice an increase in your muscle recovery within 1-2 two weeks of consistent use.

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