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What is it?

Kodiak Sports Glycoslin is a nutrient partitioning supplement designed to support healthy blood glucose metabolism and improve nutrient delivery to muscle cells.

What will it do?

Kodiak Sports Glycoslin will ensure your body is using carbohydrates as efficiently as possible, whilst blocking the storage of body fat.
On a cellular level, Glycoslin will encourage your body to use carbohydrates to create glycogen, rather than to form body fat, while also encouraging your body to use fatty acids as an immediate source of energy.

  • Supports Glucose Uptake To Muscles*
  • Enhances Insulin Sensitivity*
  • Assists With The Breakdown & Absorption Of Nutrients*
  • Aids Digestion*


How to use it?

Take one serving (3 capsules) once daily just prior to your highest carbohydrate meal of the day. Due to the formula's strength and effectiveness, it is recommended that the accompanying meal has at least 50g of carbs in it.

Supplement Solutions recommends the best time is before your high carb meal, so usually either lunch or dinner, depending on your diet. If it is a cheat meal (or cheat day), use GlycoSlin whenever you have an unusually high quantity of carbohydrates in a single meal. GlycoSlin is safe to use with every meal.

Don't carbohydrates make you fat?

They can. Carbs are a source of energy used for the high-intensity activity, such as weightlifting, so they are necessary in some cases. GlycoSlin helps prevent fat gain from carbohydrates by directing them to be used rather than stored. This can help improve performance and muscle building while also reducing potential negative impacts of carbs on body fat.


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