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Licorice Super Booster Tea

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What is it?

A refreshing “instantized” tea made from a powerful combination of Licorice root and Reishi mushrooms

What will it do?

Containing a powerful combination of Licorice Root, Reishi Mushrooms, Rosella Flower and Cinnamon Bark to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support your health defence systems,

Wondering what all the hype is about instantised tea? Believe it or not, when you brew a cup of tea using a combination of raw herbs, sticks, twigs, flowers and leaves, you, unfortunately, will not get a consistent product, and thus the same benefits every time. This is because leaves and flowers require a different steeping time to extract the goodness in comparison to roots and barks. With ATP Science’s Licorice Super Booster Tea, the tea has already been made for you and then dehydrated, which means all you need to do is rehydrate the instant tea powder and enjoy. 

How to us it?

All you have to do is add water – add one scoop into your desired amount of water.

However, you can do more if you are a connoisseur or easily bored;

A lot of the flavour and aromatics of herbs and spices can be lost through excessive heat. Some people are super tasters, others are not. To maximise the flavour profile of the tea, use water heated to 80-90 degrees Celsius and not actually to boiling point; or add a small amount of cold or room temperature water to the powdered tea before adding the boiled water.

Make as an iced tea. Add to cold water, stir thoroughly and add ice and a slice of lemon.

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