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MAN Sports Beta Alanine 500g

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What is it?

MAN Sports Beta-Alanine increases the concentration of carnosine in muscles,

What will it do?

MAN Sports Beta Alanine increases the stamina and muscle endurance by buffering metabolic waste as it is made. This means that you'll have less muscle pain alongside increased performance! MAN Sports Beta Alanine  is awesome for endurance Atheletes such as cyclists and marathon runners as it massively impacts their ability to perform for longer.   

How to use it?

To take advantage of the full effects provided by MAN Sports Beta Alanine it should be taken two times per day 

On training days, mix half a teaspoon of MAN Sports Beta Alanine in water or with your pre-workout supplement and consume before training. Consume your second serve of half a teaspoon either first thing in the morning or before bed!

On non-training days, consumer MAN Sports Beta Alanine first thing in the morning and later again in the afternoon if desired.

3.2g of MAN Sports Beta Alanine is suggested as clinical dose for high effectiveness. 

What you shoud feel

You will feel the effects of MAN Sports Beta Alanine instantly. You may notice a slight tingle throughout your body as the beta alanine activates. The strength of this feeling varies from person to person. 

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