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Olympus Labs Kings Slayer

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Key Benefits of K1ngs Slayer:

    *Supports Lean Mass Gains

    *Helps Stimulate Ghrelin Secretion

    *Helps Stimulate IGF-1 Signaling

    *Anti-Catabolic During Dieting Phases

    *Supports Enhanced Fat Loss

    *Helps Improve Appetite & Digestion

    *Helps Improve Nutrient Uptake & Utilization

    *Helps Enhance Recovery

    *Helps Improve Strength

    *Promotes Deeper Sleep

    *Promotes Improved Muscle Pumps & Fullness

The first noticeable benefit you will experience from K1NGS SLAYER will likely be the improved digestion, nutrient uptake and muscle recovery.  While that is amazing on its own it will get so much better from there with improved body composition due to increased energy metabolism. The key aspect of all the aforementioned benefits is they will occur to a significant degree, certainly more than any natural muscle builder on the market.

Supplement Solutions Recommends you take 6 capsules with your largest meal of the deal. DO NOT exceed more than 6 caps within a 24 hour period