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Olympus Labs

KingsSlayer Muscle Builder

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What is it?

Olympus Labs is a natural muscle builder which will boost your appetite.

What will it do?

Its a perfect addition to anyone's supplement stack who is looking for muscle growth!

Kings Slayer’s new approach to natural muscle growth which targets your IGF-1 receptors, hunger hormones, and growth hormones - and targets them with 2x potency!

This new approach is fueled by the recent discovery of the compound Korean Mistletoe Extract which has been shown in studies to aid in muscle growth, reduce muscle loss, and even produce up to 250% increase in endurance!

And Olympus Labs takes it a step up by taking this innovative new compound, and then giving you DOUBLE the dosage!

How to use it?

Supplement Solutions recommends taking 3 caps with breakfast and 3 caps with lunch.

Run for 8 weeks with a 4-week break.

Key Benefits of K1ngs Slayer:

  • Supports Lean Mass Gains*
  • Helps Stimulate Ghrelin Secretion*
  • Helps Stimulate IGF-1 Signaling*
  • Helps Improve Appetite & Digestion*
  • Helps Improve Nutrient Uptake & Utilization


What will you notice?

You will notice the effects of Olympus Labs K1ng Slayer in the first 2 weeks. You will feel more hungry and increased muscle recovery increased strength and increased training intensity. You may also notice increased muscle fullness,

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