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What is it?

Massacre is one of the most popular Olympus lab’s products due to its strong ability to promote lean muscle gain. It’s two main ingredients are Laxogenin (300mg) and Vaso-6. Laxogenin is  great for stimulating protein synthesis which reduces muscle atrophy, in simpler terms it increases your bodies ability to absorb the protein a individual consumes and this helps with ones ability to gain and maintain lean muscle. Vaso-6 is the ingredient that gives you the crazy pumps! This is because it enhances nitric oxide and vasolidation for further nutrient transportation to the muscles.

How do I use it?

Supplement Solutions recommends taking one dose ( two capsules) 30 minutes before working out, best results occur if taken fasted. With massacre we also recommend taking it on rest days. This product doesn’t have to be cycled which is awesome because you don’t have to worrying about having a break from it.

Can Females use it?

YES! We highly reccomend Olympus labs Massacre to both Male and Females. It is non hormonal and ideal for anyone looking at increasing lean muscle and strength. 

What will you feel?

Initially you will experience an increase in vascularity and pump from the Vaso-6. With consistent use you will also notice an increase in your muscle mass!

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