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Olympus Labs Massacre

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The ULTIMATE Highest Dosed Multifaceted Laxogenin Supplement!

I Will MASSACR3 My Plateaus! 

*The Ultimate Bulking/Recomping Natural Muscle Building Supplement*

*300mg of PhytoFUSE™ Laxogenin Per Serving

*Vaso-6™ Enhanced for Increased Nitric Oxide and Vasodilation

*Urolithin-B Enhanced; Potentially the greatest ingredient breakthrough in sports nutrition supplementation

Olympus Labs MASSACR3 increases your blood flow and vascularity, induces muscle hypertrophy, stimulates protein synthesis and reduces muscle atrophy.  In short, MASSACR3 does exactly what you want when bulking; promotes gains in muscle mass and reducing muscle breakdown.  Every ingredient in MASSACR3 individually increases muscle mass but works synergistically to deliver exceptional results.  The type of results that will allow you to MASSACR3 every workout!

Supplement Solutions recommend you take 1-2 to capsules daily prior to workout. On non workout days take 1-2 capsules split any time of the day. Users can stack 1 capsule of EP1LOGUE with 1 capsule of MASSACR3 if desired.

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