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Ripped Freak Protein 5lb

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What is it?

Ripped Freak Protein is a thermogenic protein powder.

What will it do?

RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN®’s key ingredients can support an increase in thermogenesis. This means heat production is increased and more calories are burned. 

RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN® is a low calorie, protein powder using a blend of different protein sources that can be used to increase your daily protein intake. Increased protein intake is vital for muscle growth, the combination of both fast and slow-release proteins can help boost thermogenesis 

What are the key differences in RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN®?

RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN® includes many of the same key ingredients found in the award-winning RIPPED FREAK® hybrid fat burner. These include sweet red pepper, raspberry ketone, and green tea.

RIPPED FREAK® PROTEIN’s Complex includes superior-quality whey protein isolate and concentrate, helping maximize muscle growth, in addition to a potent Amino Complex and BCAAs.

RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN® has 4 unique complexes to assist you with energy expenditure, fat loss, and body composition.

How to use it?

RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN® at any time of day when you need a premium, high-quality source of protein. Use it to increase your daily protein intake as an addition to your daily meals, or use it to replace meals throughout the day as required.

Taking 2 serves of RIPPED FREAK PROTEIN® per day will go a long way in achieving your health and fitness goals. 

Supplement Solutions recommends taking 1 serve with breakfast and the second serve post train or 4-6 hours later.

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