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What is Max Lift?

Max Lift was created for the serious lifter or athlete, seeking a non-stimulant performance pre workout with maximum benefits. A comprehensive blend of performance aminos, growth inducing ingredients and hydrating electrolytes. Max Lift is the ultimate Nitric Oxide (NO) boosting supplement, for extended power, strength and endurance.

The three major player amino acids in sports supplements are included in Max Lift- Creatine, Citrulline and Beta Alanine. By including these amino acids in highly bioavailable forms and clinical doses, Max Lift gives immediate and long term results. Creatine, Citrulline and Beta Alanine are shown to increase vasodilation, nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscles.

Hydration plays an integral role in the increase of NO to muscles, and to prevent fatigue during exercise. Electrolytes were added to Max Lift for a well rounded formula that approaches sports performance from many angles, saving you burning out before the session is over. 

Max Lift adds the power of antioxidants to your regime, with Schisandra berry and Pomegranate. Schisandra has a clever knack for balancing cortisol to provide stress support, important for those workouts where you’re pushing hard.

What can Max Lift performance pre workout add to your training?

  • Increased strength

  • Superior energy & endurance

  • Enhanced power during big lifts

  • Muscle gains 

  • Savage vasodilation

  • Increased NO output to working muscles

  • Premium hydrating actions

  • Reduced lactic acid build up


The king Creatine is an absolute must in any performance pre workout. A powerful amino acid helps us to make ATP, our body’s fuel that it needs for energy. You can expect to go that extra mile, or pump out some extra reps with Creatine supporting your fitness.


Citrulline is what gets you the big pumps and extra blood flow to the muscles, with a big boost to vasodilation. The greater increase in blood, NO and nutrients to the working muscles provides what your body needs during those big training sessions.

Beta Alanine

You may know Beta Alanine for the skin tingles it gives! That’s because it is working hard to buffer any lactic acid build up, reducing the ‘burn’ in your muscles. Go harder, for longer!

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is made in the body from choline, and has numerous mind and body benefits. Max Lift has included Alpha GPC to give an increase in cognitive function, so your mind goes even longer than the body. Mind over matter! Alpha GPC has been shown in studies to increase power when lifting heavy.


Hydrating minerals are often forgotten about in pre workout formulas, but not with Max Lift! Fatigue and lethargy will set in quickly if you’re not hydrating properly. Electrolytes are minerals that help move water into our body cells and effectively hydrate us faster. 

Max Lift performance pre workout contains:

  • No artificial colours, flavours 

  • Plant based ingredients

  • All natural sweeteners

Lip smacking flavours of Grape and Hawaiian Punch make Max Lift a delicious addition to your hydration while training. Max Lift was designed to blend the perfect combination of performance lifting ingredients for athletes, all under one lid.

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