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What is it?

ATP GutRight is a Modbiotic™ formulation.

What will it do?

ATP GutRight is a concentrated form of naturally healthy modbiotic compounds that once was once found in abundance in our traditional diet, which was loaded with skins, peels seeds and fibre.

Modbiotics™ are chemicals found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices that we simply aren’t eating enough of in our modern lifestyle, due to the overabundance of refined foods in our Western diets.

ATP GutRight is simply restoring the balance we once enjoyed when we ate a more natural diet. Just as we supplement our diet to replace the deficient micronutrients with a multi vitamin formulation, we can supplement our diet with deficient modbiotic compounds with ATP GutRight.

How to use it?

Take 1 teaspoon of ATP GutRight mixed into water, juice, smoothie, ATP NOWAY protein powder or honey 3 times daily with meals for 10 days.

Go to for the tips on how to maximise your ATP GutRight experience.

How long do I take this for?

Supplement Solutions recommends taking ATP Gutright everyday after the 10 day protocol. This will allow peace of mind that these micronutrients, polyphenols and fibres are being taken in and looking after your gut as we are exposed to many sources of bacteria both good and bad as well as parasites in a our day to day lifestyle. 

Most FAQ

ATP GutRight is neither a pre or a probiotic, nor does it take the form of an antibiotic either. It fills that middle gap that we haven’t had access to before now, it doesn’t feed anything but also doesn’t kill everything, it balances the ratio between the good guys and the bad guys, bringing down the overpopulation of bad so that the good can flourish and correct gut health.

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