Fat Burner Supplements: Oxy Shred vs Inception Labs 1510

Fat Burner Supplements: Oxy Shred vs Inception Labs 1510

In a market abundant with fat burners and other supplements promising weight loss, enhanced energy and countless other benefits, Inception Labs 1510 and OxyShred are among the most recognisable names in New Zealand. Fat burners  have garnered a loyal following, with each product bringing unique formulations and benefits to help people achieve their fitness goals.  

In this article, we will introduce you to both Inception Labs 1510 and OxyShred and provide a side-by-side comparison to help you decide which fat burner is the best fit for you.  


Inception Labs 1510 Fat Incinerator

Inceptions Labs 1510 is a supplement that boosts thermogenesis and lipolysis to help burn fat more efficiently. In addition to supporting the body in burning fat more efficiently, Inception Labs 1510’s formulation aids in suppressing cravings and appetite and improving energy levels and mood, all of which help people stay motivated and focused on their fitness goals.

Inception Labs 1510 Features 


Stimulant Potency: With over 550mg of stimulants per serving, the 1510 formulation ensures maximum effectiveness for metabolic acceleration.

Metabolic Boost: The 1510 blend of fast—and slow-release stimulants keeps your metabolism elevated for extended periods, ensuring continuous fat burning throughout the day.

Focus Enhancement—1510 contains Alpha GPC, a highly effective nootropic that improves cognitive function and helps one focus on grinding through extended gym and cardio sessions.

Carb Disposal: 1510 includes clinically dosed levels of chromium picolinate (0.41mcg) to aid in effectively disposing of carbs.

Improved Mood & Focus: Each serving of 1510 contains Withania to elevate mood and focus.

Highest Dosed Fat Burner in Australasia: 1510 contains the highest volume of active fat-burning ingredients of any fat burner supplement in Australasia.

Whole Transparency: Inception Labs fully discloses its ingredients and doses across its range.



OxyShred by EHP Labs is a thermogenic fat burner designed to stimulate your body's fat receptor cells and elevate metabolism, enhancing fat burning. In addition to its thermogenic properties, OxyShred is formulated to help curb appetite, limit calorie absorption, and boost natural energy.

OxyShred Features 

Stimulant Potency: With 150mg of stimulants per serving, OxyShred provides a balanced metabolic acceleration effect.

Metabolic Impact: OxyShred's formulation stimulates metabolism with a simple stimulant profile, ensuring a steady but effective fat-burning process.

Chromium Picolinate Dosage: OxyShred contains 25% of the recommended clinical dose of chromium picolinate (0.10mcg), contributing to carbohydrate disposal.

Lack of Mood Enhancement: OxyShred does not include specific mood-elevating components in its formulation; however, the overall effects of improving fitness and weight loss will provide a natural enhancement in mood levels.

Strong Taste Profile: OxyShred is renowned for its great taste and is widely shared as a go-to fat-burning supplement on social media platforms.

Beginner-Friendly Option: OxyShred is an ideal choice for individuals sensitive to caffeine or stimulants or starting their fitness journey.  



Inception Labs 1510 vs EHP Labs OxyShred Side-by-Side Comparison 


Side-by-side Comparison


Stimulant Potency: 

Inception Labs 1510 boasts over 550 mg of stimulants per serving, offering a potent metabolic acceleration, while OxyShred contains 150 mg of stimulants, providing a milder boost comparable to a cup of coffee. 


Metabolic Boost 

1510's blend of fast and slow-release stimulants ensures an extended elevation of metabolism for continuous fat burning—OxyShred results in a slight increase in metabolism due to its more straightforward stimulant profile. 


Focus Enhancement

1510 includes Alpha GPC for improved cognitive function and focus during workouts, a feature lacking in OxyShred. 


Carb Disposal

While both supplements contain chromium picolinate for carbohydrate disposal, 1510 provides a clinically dosed amount (0.41 mcg), whereas OxyShred includes only 25% of the recommended clinical dose (0.10 mcg). 


Mood Enhancement

Withania in 1510 elevates mood and focus, whereas OxyShred does not include specific mood enhancers. 


Both supplements offer a good taste profile and will support individuals seeking supplements to help them achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.  



Inception Labs 1510 provides a more comprehensive approach to fat burning with higher stimulant potency, carb disposal, focus enhancement, and transparency, making it suitable for individuals serious about their fat loss goals. 

OxyShred’s beginner-friendly formula offers a milder stimulant option, making it the ideal choice for someone sensitive to stimulants like caffeine or at the start of their fitness journey. 

Those seeking the enhanced formulation of 1510 while cautious about stimulant volume can assess their tolerance using a half serve of Inception Labs 1510. A half serve (1 heaped scoop) of 1510 is equivalent to roughly two times a full serve of Oxyshred, while providing the additional benefits of the included cognitive and mood enhancers and a three-stage stimulant release to avoid the crash. A half serve of 1510 will take some ingredients under clinical dosage, however this is suitable for those starting out on their weight loss journey.