Non-stimulant fat burner innovations and applications

Non-stimulant fat burner innovations and applications


When choosing a fat burner, there’s an age-old debate; are you better off with a non-stimulant (non-stim) fat burner, or do you select supplements with powerful stimulatory ingredients? Most people think the more stimulation, the better the results. After all, if caffeine and other stimulants can help increase metabolism and energy levels, surely, they’ll also help with fat loss?  

However, it’s not quite that simple. Everyone's physiology is different, and what works well for one person might not work for someone else. Furthermore, different fat burners can produce different results, even if they work similarly. So, when choosing a fat burner, it's essential to consider your individual needs and goals.   

To navigate the stim vs. non-stim debate, we need to take it back to grassroots.   


How do fat burners work?

One of the most common questions about fat burners is how they work? Do they magically melt away fat? The answer is a little more complicated than that. Fat burners work in a few different ways, but thermogenesis and lipolysis are the two most common mechanisms. Thermogenesis is the process of generating heat in the body, which requires energy (calories). When thermogenesis is increased, the body burns more calories, even at rest. This can lead to weight loss and other benefits like increased energy levels and improved mental focus. Lipolysis is the process of breaking down fats in the body. Fat burners can help increase lipolysis, leading to lower body fat levels. In addition, some fat burners also contain ingredients that help to suppress appetite or boost metabolism. All of these mechanisms can contribute to weight loss and improved body composition.  


What are the differences between stim and non-stim fat burners?

Caffeine content (or the lack of it) is the primary and namesake difference between a stim and non-stim fat burner. Each has its own pros and cons, so it's important to understand the difference before deciding which type is right for you.  

Stimulant-based fat burners contain caffeine or similar substances called methylxanthines, which temporarily increase your metabolism and energy expenditure, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. They also often contain ingredients that can help to reduce appetite and cravings. However, they can also cause side effects like jitters, anxiety, and heart palpitations. For this reason, stimulant-based fat burners are not recommended for those with cardiovascular issues or a sensitivity to caffeine.  

Non-stim fat burners, on the other hand, contain a range of non-stimulatory ingredients. The mechanism by which they work is by teaching your body to use fat as an energy source in a process called thermogenesis, or the production of heat in the body. This process requires energy, and that energy is typically derived from stored fat. In other words, by increasing thermogenesis, non-stimulant fat burners can help to promote weight loss by burning stored fat. Additionally, many of these supplements also contain ingredients that help boost metabolism or suppress appetite, which can lead to weight loss. Because they don’t contain stimulants, they’re much less likely to cause side effects and can be consumed later in the day with no causation of disruption to sleep patterns.   


Key reasons you may decide to use a non-stim fat burner:

Tend to be gentler on the body: 

Non-stim fat burners tend to be gentler on the body as they don't contain harsh ingredients that can cause side effects commonly seen with stim-based formulas. As such, they tend to be more suitable for those who may be sensitive to stimulants or have difficulty tolerating them. Typical side effects of stimulants include jitters, headaches, nausea and elevated heart rate. In contrast, non-stim burners typically rely on more natural ingredients that boost metabolism and help the body burn fat more efficiently. Additionally, they often contain ingredients supporting other health aspects, such as detoxification and hormonal balance. Therefore, choosing a non-stimulant fat burner can be a great way to support overall health and well-being.  

No direct impact on sleep: 

While stim fat burners often provide an advantage of improved mental clarity, you should not use them later in the day. The half-life of a stim-based fat burner is the time it takes for your body to eliminate half of the drug. The elimination half-life of a drug is important because it determines how long the drug stays in your system and how long it takes for your body to clear it. For most stim-based fat burners, the elimination half-life is between 3 and 5 hours. If you take a fat burner at 8am, half of the drug will be eliminated by 11am, and the other half will be eliminated by 2pm. Ideally, a stim-based fat burner shouldn’t be used any later than around 12pm for those wanting to maintain a quality sleep cycle. Non-stim fat burners, however, have the advantage of being able to be used late at night without affecting the quality of sleep. They can even be consumed before bed to continue their effects while you sleep.   

Reduced influence on cortisol spikes (when compared with stim-based products):

Lowering overall stimulant use allows your adrenal system to recover from excessive stimulant use. Heavy or excessive stim use leads to spikes in cortisol, one of the body’s primary fat storage hormones. Therefore, if you’re already consuming caffeine and stimulant products such as pre-workouts, opting for a non-stim fat burner may be advantageous to your overall fat-burning goals and broader health.   


Can I use both stim and non-stim fat burners at the same time?

Many assume that using stim-based and non-stim fat burners simultaneously is a recipe for disaster. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this can be a very effective weight loss strategy. Stimulant-based fat burners increase energy levels and metabolism, which can help burn more calories throughout the day. Non-stimulant fat burners, on the other hand, work by assisting the body in breaking down stored fat cells. By combining these two types of fat burners, you can create a synergistic effect that can lead to even more impressive results. Of course, speaking with a healthcare professional is always recommended before starting any new supplement regimen. But if you are looking for a powerful way to boost your weight loss efforts, using stim-based and non-stim fat burners together may be the answer.  


Non-stim fat burner recommendations

So you’re ready to incorporate a non-stim fat burner into your supplementation plan. Where to from here? Supplement Solutions stocks a wide range of fat burners, stim and non-stim alike. Our customers’ current favourites in the non-stim space are:   


Kodiak Sports Carnishred Purge Sports ThermX



ATP Science T432 Plus




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