Zealea VEGE'D vs. Blessed - Vegan Protein

A Comprehensive Comparison for the Smoothie Enthusiast

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In the ever-growing market of plant-based protein supplements, two products have caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts and vegans alike: Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein and Blessed Vegan Protein. Both products offer unique benefits and drawbacks, making them suitable for different consumer needs. This article compares these two vegan protein powders, focusing on their value for money, flavour profiles, and bioavailability. The ultimate goal is to help you make an informed decision on which product best suits your needs, particularly if you are a smoothie enthusiast.


Value for Money

Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein:

Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein is often lauded for its exceptional value for money. The product offers a substantial amount of protein per serving at a significantly lower cost than many competitors, including Blessed Vegan Protein. This makes it an attractive option for those who consume protein supplements regularly and are looking for a budget-friendly alternative.

Blessed Vegan Protein:

On the other hand, Blessed Vegan Protein comes with a heftier price tag per serving. While it offers a range of benefits, its cost can be a deterrent for budget-conscious people or those who consume large quantities of protein powder.


Flavour Profile

Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein:

One of the most common criticisms of Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein is its less-than-stellar flavour profile. While it may not win any awards for taste, this downside becomes almost negligible when the powder is mixed into a smoothie. The robust flavours of fruits, vegetables, and other smoothie ingredients can easily mask the taste of the protein powder, making it a non-issue for those who prefer to consume it in this manner.

Blessed Vegan Protein:

Blessed Vegan Protein shines in the flavour department. It offers an exceptional taste experience, making it enjoyable even when consumed with water or plant-based milk. The product utilises golden pea isolate as its primary source of protein, which contributes not only to its superior flavour but also to its high bioavailability.



Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein:

Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein is primarily made from plant-based pea protein. While it may not have the highest bioavailability, it is still a reliable source of essential amino acids and nutrients.

Blessed Vegan Protein:

Blessed Vegan Protein stands out for its use of golden pea isolate, which boasts the highest bioavailability among pea proteins. This means your body can readily absorb and effectively utilise the protein, making it an incredibly efficient supplement.


The Smoothie Factor

Choosing between Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein and Blessed Vegan Protein largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, if you are someone who enjoys mixing your protein powder into smoothies, Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein takes the win.

The reason is simple: the primary downside of Zealea - its flavour profile- becomes a non-issue when mixed into a smoothie. The cost-effectiveness of Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein, combined with its decent bioavailability, makes it an excellent choice for those looking to get the most bang for their buck. While Blessed Vegan Protein offers a superior flavour and higher bioavailability, its higher cost per serving makes it less appealing for regular smoothie consumption.

In summary, Zealea VEGE'D Vegan Protein offers a compelling blend of affordability and functionality, particularly for smoothie enthusiasts. Its value for money gives it a slight edge over Blessed Vegan Protein, making it the go-to choice for those who prioritise both budget and nutritional benefits.